Old, fat, hairy, naked men who hang out in locker rooms all day

The three adjectives I would use to describe the men’s locker room at my gym are: old, fat and hairy. It is a disgusting place and I have seen many disgusting things there. It’s filled with a lot of men who really have no business being seen naked. They are old, they are covered in hair, they have rolls of fat….yet they feel no shame parading themselves around unclothed and engaging in lengthy conversations with other old, hairy, fat, naked men.  In fact the really weird thing is that half of these people I have never seen in the actual gym. It’s like they just come in to hang out naked in the locker room and chat for hours on end. Look, I’m not against nudity and I’m not homophobic. In fact I would like to think that no self-respecting gay man would ever let himself get that hairy or fat for that matter. My feeling is that a locker room should simply be a place for people to change clothes quickly so they can either go work out or go home after working out.


4 thoughts on “Old, fat, hairy, naked men who hang out in locker rooms all day”

  1. Great article Al, and really love the topic! In my limited gym locker room experience, I have seen two types of Naked Men. The one described in your article (Old, Fat, and Hairy) and the “Freak of Nature” that flaunts the grossly over-sized elephant trunk. It’s difficult enough finding the motivation to workout… only to be scared away by those guys.

    1. Hello, I’m an aspiring writer and I need readers. Sounds like we might be able to work out a deal here. I’ve never had a friend named Jimbo before either, welcome to the club,

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